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Causes of Anxiety

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Anxiety in most people is considered to be a normal state of emotion, but there are times when being anxious can turn our lives into a nightmare. This occurs when normal anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder. Here, there are a number of things that can trigger off such a reaction although the causes of anxiety are as of yet not fully understood or defined.

Many doctors, therapists and psychiatrists have different theories regarding what the causes of anxiety may be. Some state that genetics may be the key to understanding anxiety disorders. Others state that it arises from circumstances thus making it a learned behavior. Still others have no real idea as to why anxiety is caused in the first place.

However we may identify some of the more common causes of anxiety as being brought about by a mental condition, perhaps a physical condition or state. The misuse of drugs as well as the effects of certain types of prescribed medications can also become an anxiety cause. There is also the possibility that a combination of the above causes may lead to an anxiety disorder.

Some of the causes of anxiety are due to certain mental conditions and these may also include other types of anxiety disorders like panic disorder. Then there are the physical conditions that may give rise to anxiety. Palpitations, dizziness and shortness of breath are all considered to be causes of anxiety.

Other reasons can include coffee and caffeine based beverages, amphetamines like speed, an overactive thyroid muscle, abnormal heart rhythms and other types of heart problems. An example of such a heart problem is mitral valve prolapse.

While these are some of the causes of anxiety there are many others that play their part in causing anxiety disorders. Other types of anxiety disorders can themselves contribute towards anxiety. These may be Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD, Phobic disorders and Stress Disorder.

Stress from a number of different situations will also cause anxiety. Instances like stress at work, stress from a school problem, stress that results from personal relationships like marriage, stress due to trauma, such as the death of a loved one. Then stress from a serious illness and financial stress can also be contributory causes of anxiety.

Apart from these causes of anxiety you may experience anxiety because of medication that you might be taking. These medications may be prescription drugs to treat other illnesses or they may even be illegal drugs like cocaine. Another consideration to take into account is that the side effects from certain drugs may also be part of the causes of anxiety as well.

As we may never really know the exact reasons why anxiety develops the exact causes of anxiety are still a mystery. Hopefully one day we will understand this complaint and be able to treat it before it becomes a serious problem.




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