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Recognizing Depression

Depression is a serious issue. There are hundreds of thousands of people who deal with depression on a daily basis. Are you one of them? Do you know someone that may be? How can you recognize the signs of depression? How can you help someone who may be facing depression within their lives?

While there are many forms and levels of severity in depression, one thing is for sure. Depression causes negative effects on the way a person lives, the way a person is perceived, and the stability of their well being. But, what are some signs that a person you love, or maybe even yourself, is suffering from depression? There are many things that you can look for. Some basic things are listed here:

  • Does the person seem withdrawn from their normal activities?

  • Do they seem unhappy with things that have made them happy before?

  • Do they stay home rather than do something that they once considered fun?

  • Do they seem to be pulling away from close friends and relatives?

There are many other things that you can look for in individuals who may be experiencing depression. The most important thing that you can do is to talk to them, get them to talk to someone they can trust, or to see their doctor. It is important to reach out for help because even though it will seem hard at first, it will help you get back to being happy.



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