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8 Signs of Anxiety Disorder That Are Often Ignored

Anxiety is an inescapable reality of life with everyone made to experience it. Although it is normal to undergo anxiety at some level in everybody’s life, an anxiety disorder, however, is a different ball game altogether.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive and unrealistic worry about everyday tasks or events, or may be specific to certain objects or rituals.”

While the signs and symptoms are well defined, there are still characteristics which often go unnoticed in anxiety disorder patients. A delay in recognizing them can lead to a lot of hassles later on.

Mental health charity, Mind, a U.K.-based organization, has conducted a study which shows that there are many signs of anxiety which go unnoticed. Here, we take a look at some of those signs:

  1. When people complain about being physically ill: Anxiety can often translate into physical symptoms like headaches and stomach cramps in many. A person may not even realize when suffering from a panic attack with symptoms like breathlessness and chest pain. This is especially true for children who exhibit symptoms like bedwetting, frequent toilet accidents, thrashing other children or throwing frequent tantrums.

  2. When sleep is always disturbed: According to Mind’s findings, people with anxiety disorder often oversleep or have difficulty sleeping, waking up several times in a night. They even experience nightmares or night terrors.

  3. When there is a need for constant reassurance: When people look for constant reassurances and appear less confident about things in which they are usually good at, it is a sign of anxiety disorder.

  4. When eating habits have undergone a drastic change: Eating anomaly is a direct implication of anxiety disorder. Affected people either lose all appetite or tend to indulge in binge eating to numb the feelings of anxiety. Witnessing such changes in a family member should raise the alarm and immediate help should be sought.

  5. When somebody develops a habit of perfectionism: Some people may develop a habit of perfectionism and become too finicky about their appearance. Being constantly worried about appearance is a misunderstood sign for anxiety disorder.

  6. When concentrating becomes difficult: People suffering from anxiety find it difficult to concentrate. They often report late to work or go missing, and often unable to focus on the task at hand. It is because they keep ruminating on negative situations and emotions all the time.

  7. When kids want to avoid school: Kids suffering from an anxiety disorder would want to skip school in general. They have a hard time concentrating on studies and avoid participating in extracurricular activities. Parents should not neglect this in their children as it could snowball into bigger issues later in life.

  8. When people avoid answering the phone: Avoidance is a major sign of anxiety disorder; still, people tend to overlook this trait when someone starts evading situations. People avoid calls, refrain from going to events and tend to remain recluse most of the time.

These signs in somebody in the family should not be ignored, as they are obvious signs of anxiety disorder.




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